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Reliable Construction Environmental Work

Reliable Construction also does environmental cleanup and construction work. The company owns and operates a customized barge designed to conduct water and shoreline work. The boat is equipped with a hydraulic hoist for removing heavy objects and sunken debris. The company also has access to cranes, bobcats and other specialized equipment necessary for waterway projects. Rocky Morrison, President of Reliable Construction was recently hired by the city of Nashua, NH to conduct an extensive clean up of the Nashua River while the water was lowered during the work on the Main St. Bridge. Rocky and his crew removed over 27 tons of debris from the water and shoreline during the month long project. Debris included more than 88 bicycles, 100 old tires, a bathtub, a moped, a gun, a gentlemen’s wallet, a purse, an old boiler, a historical beam from one of the original bridges which had burned in the early 1900’s and many large trees that were obstructing the water flow.
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